Proyecto FUSIL is and idea by Julio d’Escriván and Iñigo Ibaibarriaga that questions the idea of style in electronic music. The project is dedicated to the exploration of live coding as a means of collaborative music making between other acoustic musicians.

FUSIL at the xCoaX (Bérgamo)  -Computation, Aesthetics & X-fusil-3 fusil-4

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FUSIL at the XXX Bienal of São Paulo


FUSIL +    Julio d´Escriván & Iñigo Ibaibarriaga & Pablo M. Esparza                           (Concert in ZAWP – Bilbao)

FUSIL entails fostering serendipity in the manipulation of found objects, electronic audio files, live coding and saxophone processing. Quotes from the avant-garde are plentiful and playful. FUSIL is collagist and yes, why not, postmodernist.
This does not mean just the surface sheen of appropriation, but the welcoming of all musical ideas regardless of style or ethnic associations. Having said that, the latin references abound for obvious reasons.

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